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Animations of Matsuricon Méditerranée

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Entertainment in the Jardin des plantes des Capellans in St Cyprien

Manga, video games, workshops, Japanese kites…

Our animation will gradually expand so do not hesitate to come back to the site to see the evolution!


Meeting with voice actor Philippe Ariotti

Philippe Ariotti is a speaker, film club host, and actor. 

A man of the theatre, he also participated in numerous dubbing for cinema and television. He is also known for being the French voice of two emblematic characters of Dragon Ball: Piccolo and Freezer. 

 He has notably interpreted the voices of Argon in Nadia, the secret of blue water, Shere-ka in the book of the jungle Japanese series, Shu of the Flames in Ken the survivor, The great sparrow in Game of Thrones …

Come and discover the dubbing at his side on the stand of the dubbing workshop!

Meet voice actress Alice Orsat

Alice Orsat is an actress and also practices dubbing, She is the French voice of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones and Gretel / Ava Zimmer in Once Upon a Time.

She is also the French voice of Mitsuha in Makoto Shinkai’s masterpiece, Your Name. (君の名は, Kimi no na wa).

Come and discover the dubbing at his side on the stand of the dubbing workshop!


Meet the mangaka Loiki

Loiki is the creator of the universe of “O.S.E” and writer of the eponymous manga.

“I created O.S.E for a lot of good reasons, but the most obvious reason is to want to create a World that could: Bring people together and unite despite their differences, help them move forward and fight their fears, finally allow them to escape from everyday life, dream and awaken again.”

Meet the mangaka Shaos

Shaos is the French cartoonist of “O.S.E”, a long-time enthusiast of drawing, comics, video games, Japan and new technologies. He has already published a first manga “Holy Wars” under the banner of the editions “Les Humanoïdes Associés” in 2007.

He embarked on the adventure of a new manga entitled “O.S.E” (Overcome Survival Experience) since 2016. The reasons for his choice for this particular manga are obvious to him, but to discover them, you will have to read it!


Meeting with Pascoal Rui, co-author of Mysterious Cities of Gold: the secrets of a mythical saga

Rui Pascoal is a writer, editor, radio host, and speaker specializing in behind-the-scenes children’s programs, manga, Japanese animation and dubbing and TV theme singers in France. He is also an independent manga script teacher and presenter and co-producer with Erwin Rousseau of the “Génériques TV Party” tour which values the original singers of the cult series of our childhood. Also co-author with Gilles Broche of the book “Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or, les secrets d’une saga mythique” (in 2013 at Soleil).


Come and participate in our cosplay event and benefit from a reduced rate on the ticket office! (Reduced rate available only in advance)

You can also register for the Cosplay contest!


Video games

Find the best video games of the 90s, legendary decade of noisy and lively arcades with retrogaming like street fighter, bust a move or mars matrix, an introduction to Japanese rhythm games.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.

 Hosted by Funplay.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

Experience the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament: epic battles between iconic video game characters.

Join us for thrilling competition, highlights and a friendly atmosphere.

Registration the same day on the video game stand.

Hosted by DaidaBeats


Just Dance

Participate in a moment of conviviality by dancing together to the video game Just Dance.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.

Hosted by Funplay.

Blind tests

Open to both beginners and experts, this blind test will take you on a journey through the ages and appeal to the nostalgic. Mix of video games, series, anime, cartoons, movies and some bonuses… You have 20 seconds to find the excerpt!

No prior registration. Schedules will be indicated on the booth “The Daidabeats inc”.

Hosted by DaidaBeats.


Photo modeling

Whether you are experts in modeling or beginners, OnToClick’s photo models will be happy to advise you to help you improve your poses.

Studio photos

Take advantage of this exceptional setting to pass in front of the flashes of these professional, passionate and experienced photographers, with the possibility of leaving with a printed souvenir!

festival-japonais-matsuricon-mediterranee-photos _studio
Logo Karaoké


Come show your beautiful voices and have fun on the Karaoke stand run by the Vox Poulpi collective!

Continuous animation from 10am to 10pm.

Dubbing with pros

Come and try your hand at the art of voice dubbing with professional actors:
Philippe Ariotti, French voice of Piccolo and Freezer in Dragon Ball Z; and Alice Orsat, the French voice of Arya in Game Of Thrones.

Logo Doublage
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Kyudokan Karaté Shorin Ryu

Kyudokan Karate School, originally from the island of Okinawa, also known as “Higa Karate” is a traditional school recognized worldwide because of its history, culture and family traditions that have been preserved over the centuries.

Patrick Rault’s teaching is essentially based on efficiency in the respect of Okinawan Karate Shorin ryu Kyudokan.

Patrick Rault is an 8th dan federal expert of the French Karate Federation FFK, 8th dan federation of Okinawa Rengokai, and civil ambassador of the Okinawa prefecture.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.

Kenshikai, japanese fencing

The mission of Kenshikai is to promote the practice of traditional Japanese weapons. We work in particular the jo, a stick of 1.28m and the sabre, the mythical katana.
All training is based on kata: a sequence of complex pre-established forms that tests perception, reflexes, as well as technical achievements.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.


Inflatable sumotori

Compete in an arena! Laughter guaranteed! 

Continuous animation from 10am to 10pm.

Introduction to sabrolaser

Hosted by Polaris, come and learn how to handle the laser sabrolaser.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.


Murder party in the Starwars universe

Hosted by Polaris, come and investigate and will you discover the culprit? (Under registration on site  continuously from 1pm to 6pm, allow 45 minutes of investigation)

Tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is an elevation, a moment of serenity, a celebration. Under the influence of Zen Buddhism, this philosophical ceremonial invites purification by uniting with nature. The art of hospitality, called “Omotenashi” is fully reflected in this ancestral art.

The tea ceremony will be celebrated by Keiko Onishi graduated Master of Tea Ceremony (Dainihon Chadou Gakkai School).

Demonstration in the bamboo forest at 5:20 pm and broadcast live on stage.

festival-japonais-matsuricon-mediterranee-Ceremonie_Thé Keiko Onishi (2)
festival-japonais-matsuricon-mediterranee-Calligraphie Keiko Onishi


Come and discover the Onoresho style of calligraphy with Keiko Onishi graduated Shihan from the Onoresho Japanese School of Calligraphy with more than 15 years of practice. She is the only calligraphy teacher of this school in France. 

The Onoresho style of calligraphy is a modern, colorful and creative style. Participants can make 2 or 3 unique and personalized calligraphies per workshop and can leave with their creations to offer them or decorate their home.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.


Try the art of paper folding.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.


Matsuricon Méditerranée Festival japonais à Saint Cyrien akara atelier koto

Traditional Japanese musical instruments

You will have the privilege of trying a Japanese instrument such as the koto or the shinobue alongside the Akara music group!

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.

Cooking workshop

Do you know takoyaki? It is a specialty of the city of Osaka consisting of ball of pasta with pieces of octopus inside.
Learn how to prepare them around workshops throughout the weekend!

Workshop hours: 1PM and 7pm


Drawing workshop

The illustrator Pomiou and the mangaka Shaos accompany you in this drawing workshop for young and old.

Pomiou is an artist specialized in manga style, recently winner of the Weekandart competition. Immerse yourself in her style and take part in her exclusive drawing classes, where she’ll teach you the techniques for creating striking manga illustrations. From inking to color, for all levels. Do not miss the opportunity to meet this cartoonist and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of manga art.

Continuous animation from 10am to 7.30pm.

Meet Drake Manakete

Drake Manakete is the author of the “Thennan” saga, a fantasy universe created with the aim of playing with your empathy. Prepare your smiles, but also your tears, your chills and your excitement!

Japanonymes - 7e - COVID Edition

Fur’s World

Fur’s World is an association that aims to exchange on the Furry universe in order to organize events, to make this universe known in a playful and fun way to the public.

Japanese kite

Discover the koinoburi

Matsuricon Méditerranée Festival japonais à Saint Cyprien koinobori


Several concerts are planned to make you discover Japanese music


Come and taste different Japanese dishes. 

Continuous service from 10am to 10pm!


Japanese Culture Festival

Entertainment, concerts, restaurant

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2023

continuously from 10am to 10pm

Jardin des plantes des Capellans

Saint-Cyprien (Free parking)

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