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Concerts & Shows Matsuricon Méditerranée

Concerts & Shows in the Jardin des plantes des Capellans in St Cyprien

Japanese concerts, demonstrations, quizzes, …

Our stage program will gradually expand so do not hesitate to come back to the site to see the evolution!



Akara is a rock band composed of three musicians: a singer, a Koto player, a Shinobue and Nōkan player. It was formed in 2014 by vocalist MIKIKO. 

The name of the AKARA group (from A) comes from the fact that the Japanese alphabet begins with the sound “A” and expresses the intention to “protect the origin and its continuity”. 

Its musicians all play a Japanese musical instrument.


Akara belongs to a new generation very active in the world of traditional Japanese music.

The lyrics of their songs contain ancient Japanese words and are inspired by classical songs. 

However, AKARA reinterprets them with originality. 

Regulars in concert halls in Tokyo and other regions, they also participate in lecture-concerts, dinner cruises and halftime shows of professional basketball games. 

Depending on the location and event, AKARA can offer different styles. They have also participated in several major acoustic shows.

In 2015, they performed at the 42nd Annual Renovation Ceremony (at the Kamigamo-jinja Shinto Shrine in Kyoto’s former Yamashiro Province). 

In 2017, they performed alone at the Japan Cultural Center in Cologne, Germany and headlined at the “NRW Japan Tag” in Düsseldorf, supported by an audience of over 10,000 people. 

They also participated in the “JAPAN EXPO” in Paris in 2018/2019, “ADIHEX” (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) in 2019, and “WAGOTO SUPER LIVE” (Myojin Kanda). 

In addition, they sold out headlining Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST. 

Combining the intensity of Rock with traditional musical phrases, they have created a new genre that they define as “J-trad Rock”. 

By cultivating the sensibilities of traditional music, they installed a new trend in the modern Japanese rock scene.

Matsuricon Méditerranée Festival japonais à Saint Cyrien Franck Animé Live Nicky Larson

Frank’Animé Live

This year Frank’Animé Live will be there to ignite the stage! 

He will sing just for you at an exceptional concert with surprises and lots of GIFTS!  

On the program of retro, the inevitable, the cult but also the current manga.

Frank’Animé live certainly the singer of ALL GENERATIONS  


Very young he began to integrate music groups and it was a little later that he brought together his two passions: singing and cartoon credits, almost the majority of which are manga; to offer us exceptional shows filled with vigor and passion!

Discover his Covers that are currently a hit on his YouTube channel with “the mysterious cities of gold” (+ 21,000 views) and the latest release based on SAINT SEIYA where he offers you 8 mins of legendary medley in the form of a short film.


“Ose” The Adventure with Loiki

Let’s play with Loiki author of the manga “O.S.E”. 

Dare the manga O.S.E in an original way with lots of surprises!


Let’s draw the manga O.S.E

Shaos the manga artist O.S.E will be on stage to explain how to draw live characters from the manga!

Matsuricon Méditerranée Festival japonais à Saint Cyprien cosplay 2

Cosplay Contest

Do you like cosplay and want to share your passion on stage? 

Then participate in our cosplay contest solo or in a group. 

Several prizes are to be won with prizes to the key!

Sabrolaser Combat Demonstration

The members of the Polaris brotherhood will make you discover their passion through one of their unique and elaborate show. 

Find them playing their own character in the Star Wars universe, in epic duels with laser sabrolaser. 

Which of the Sith or Jedi will support you?!


Conference and dubbing demonstration

Conference hosted by Rui Pascoal focused on the career of actors Philippe Ariotti, voice of Freezer and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z, Kaa the snake in the Japanese cartoon The Jungle Book, Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda, Argon in Nadia the secret of blue water, Shu of the Flames in Ken the survivor, Fafnir in Captain Harlock Endless Odyssey; and Alice Orsat as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, Molly in Toy Story 3, Mitsuha in Your Name or Iris in Pokemon Generations.

The conference will be followed by a live demonstration with the actors and the audience!

Conference: Tips and tricks to prepare your trip to Japan

Gero japan youtubeur streamer passionate about Japan will share his travel experience in the land of the rising sun and give you lots of tips to travel cheap and make the most of his trip

festival-japonais-matsuricon-mediterranee-Sado Keiko Onishi

Tea ceremony

The tea ceremony will be celebrated by Keiko Onishi graduated Master of Tea Ceremony (Dainihon Chadou Gakkai School) and broadcast on a giant screen with real-time commentary.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

Experience the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament: epic battles between iconic video game characters.

Join us for thrilling competition, highlights and a friendly atmosphere.

Registration the same day on the video game stand.


Kyudokan Karate Demonstration

Kyudokan Karate School, originally from the island of Okinawa, also known as “Higa Karate” is a traditional school recognized worldwide because of its history, culture and family traditions that have been preserved over the centuries.

Patrick Rault’s teaching is essentially based on efficiency in the respect of Okinawan Karate Shorin ryu Kyudokan.

Patrick Rault is an 8th dan federal expert of the French Karate Federation FFK, 8th dan federation of Okinawa Rengokai, and civil ambassador of the Okinawa prefecture.

Demonstration of Kenshikai, Japanese fencing

The mission of Kenshikai is to promote the practice of traditional Japanese weapons. We work in particular the jo, a stick of 1.28m and the sabre, the mythical katana.
All training is based on kata: a sequence of complex pre-established forms that tests perception, reflexes, as well as technical achievements.


Japanese Culture Festival

Entertainment, concerts, restaurant

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2023

continuously from 10am to 10pm

Jardin des plantes des Capellans

Saint-Cyprien (Free parking)

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