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Program of Matsuricon Méditerranée

Garden plan

Plan MatsuriCon Méditerranée 2023 legende

Saturday and Sunday program

Concerts, shows, conferences, demonstrations, quizz…

Our programming will gradually expand so do not hesitate to come back to the site to see the evolution of our program!

  • 10:00

    Opening of the festival

  • On stage - 10:10

    Sabrolaser Combat Demonstration

    Hosted by Polaris

  • On stage - 10:30

    Tips and tricks to prepare your trip to Japan

    Animated by Gero Japan

  • On stage - 11:30

    Conference on dubbing with Philippe Ariotti and Alice Orsat

    Behind the scenes of dubbing: From Dragon Ball to Game of Thrones, hosted by Pascoal Rui

  • On stage - 12:30

    Demonstration of dubbing with Philippe Ariotti and Alice Orsat

    With the participation of the public, come and find your voice too!

  • On stage - 13:30

    Demonstration of Kenshikai, Japanese fencing

  • On stage - 14:00


  • On stage - 15:00

    Let's draw the manga O.S.E

    Animated by Shaos the cartoonist of the manga O.S.E

  • On stage - 16:00

    Cosplay Contest Awards Ceremony

  • On stage - 16:20

    "Ose" L'Aventure with Loiki

    Let’s play with Loiki author of the manga “O.S.E”

  • On stage - 17:20

    Tea ceremony demonstration

    Celebrated by Keiko Onishi graduated Master of Tea Ceremonies

  • On stage - 18:10

    Karate Demonstration

    Animated by Patrick Rault

  • On stage - 18:30

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Finals

    Animated by DaidaBeats

  • On stage - 19:30

    Sabrolaser Combat Demonstration

    Animated by Polaris

  • On stage - 19:45

    Franck'Anime Live concert

    Franck’Anime will perform the anime songs but also their Japanese version!

  • On stage - 20:30

    Concert of the Japanese band Akara

    Discover Japanese pop and rock music

  • 22:00

    Closing of the festival

Japanese Culture Festival

Entertainment, concerts, restaurant

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2023

continuously from 10am to 10pm

Jardin des plantes des Capellans

Saint-Cyprien (Free parking)

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